What will YOUR ideal life look like?

Giant pandas in a fieldLike a crazy, lazy Zen Panda, I have been spending a lot of time thinking…

…Although I stayed clear of the bamboo-shoots as they give me heartburn!


Here’s the thing.

It’s strange, but in the hustle and rush of the modern world we don’t always allow ourselves the time and space to sit and think about how we got to this point and what we might need to do differently to get to our destination.

So…it got me thinking.

What actually would be my ideal life?  What am I aiming towards? Say, in a couple of years time when all the hard work has started to pay off and I am reaping the rewards of my effort and determination.

All the effort in the world, if not directed to a clearly defined and imagined goal will just lead to lots of huffing and puffing and very little to show at the end.

I hope that sharing with you my vision of MY ideal life will do two things:

1). It will help me be clearer about what I want

2). It will inspire you to do the same in for YOUR ideal life too!

I have been reading lots of self-help books and they all seem to agree that the key thing is to make the dream come alive by being specific and detailed by using all the senses – although taste and smell might not be easy!

This is quite a personal thing and I do feel a little nervous sharing what I really want with the world (even though I am writing under a pseudonym!).

Anyway, here goes…be kind and don’t judge me!


My Ideal Life

9.00am    I wake up naturally from a great night’s sleep.  My healthy diet and exercise routine mean I sleep like a baby and I have no work stresses keeping me awake all night.  I don’t have to be anywhere, so I wake up when my body tells me to.  I get up and think to myself “What adventures and opportunities will today bring me?”

9.30am    Three mile run in the countryside near my lovely remote farmhouse.  It feels great to wake up each day to the sounds of the natural world.  Running gives the sense of peace and connection that I crave and gives me space to think through what I want to do today.

10.30am    Having showered and had a healthy breakfast of porridge with honey, raisins and fruit I decide to go to my office upstairs (overlooking the countryside) and write another couple of chapters of my latest novel.

1.00pm     Lunch is a light salad and more fruit taken in the garden, and then I spend an hour reading an improving book.

2.30pm     I go for a walk in the woods and make plans for my projects – recording voice notes on my cell phone.  I enjoy the scenery, the smell of resin and the rustle of breeze through the leaves.  I arrive home with some great ideas recorded for future blog posts, my next novel and an online course I will create to help others live their perfect life.  I love the fact that I control my own life and have the space and time to be creative, expressive and provide the world with real value.

4.30pm     The kids come home from school and we spend an hour playing games in the garden.  It’s great to have time to see them grow up and just hang out with them.

5.30pm     I sit in the garden for another hour reading and enjoying the evening.

7.00pm     After a healthy family meal with my wife and children, we sit  together talking about our days and our plans for the holiday next month (two weeks in Portugal).

8.00pm     I go into town and watch a movie with my wife.

10.00pm   Quiet meditation, more reading and then bed.  No work-stress tomorrow to worry about and a quiet, peaceful contentment as I drift off.


Reading that back it seems much more relaxed than is perhaps realistic.  Also, I am under no illusions that any ideal lifestyle takes a lot of effort to actually happen (and to maintain!).

But, it does sum up the things that matter most to me – freedom, creativity, connection with family and nature, healthy living, contentment, helping others and expressing myself.

This has given me some real clarity on what things are truly important to me.  Although the farmhouse is quite big in my mind, it’s clear to me that being rich isn’t a driving force for me.  Sure, I’d love to be more than comfortably well-off, but mainly it’s the freedom and family time that I value most strongly.  Whether this ‘dream’ life is one you would be happy living is not the point – you choose your own, buddy! :-)  Yours might have more Ferraris or yachts than I have, but there are dreams enough for us all.

The process of writing this ideal life has had a great side-effect.  I actually felt like I was living that life when I wrote it down.  Did you notice that I included some sights, sounds and smells to make it feel real?  It worked!  I honestly felt like I was living in that life.

The great thing is that because it seems real, it also feels very possible.  I also know that whenever things get tough on my journey (and I’m sure they will!) that I can read this again and remember why I am working so hard for it.


Reality Alert!

The thing is…

…I know that no life is ever quite like that, never quite a pristine and perfect as the adverts make us believe.

But I do think we can have moments like that, you know when everything is in alignment and the universe seems to click.

And I also think that we can all have more of those days.  It is surely possible to have a larger proportion of your life spent doing things that are congruent with your values and feel that you are living the RIGHT life for you.

There are some people who say that it is a waste of time ‘dreaming’ up your ideal life, and that you should just get on and create it.  But how do you know what to create if you don’t dream first?  You may very well end up creating a life that isn’t really what you want.  Let’s be honest, to some extent, that is what we have all done so far, and why we desperately want to change it for the better.

So, as wishy-washy, New Age and ‘spiritual’ as you may think it, being clear about your ultimate life has to be the starting point.  Actually it’s a practical step towards getting what you want.

I hope you decide to try the process out for yourself.

Please comment below or email me at tony@rebootingme.com and let me know how you got on.

I would genuinely be delighted to hear from you!

Have an awesome week!


Cheers for now,